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CONTINUING EDUCATION course reference material by:
WI Department of Safety and Professional Services Codes and Statutes
WI Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (ATCP)

Codes, Standards, and Statutes for Course Reference
A. Chapter SPS 305: Licenses, Ceritfications and Registrations    
A2. Chapter SPS 316: Electrical Code    
B. Chapter SPS 320: Code Administration and Enforcement    
C. Chapter SPS 321: Construction Standards    
D. Chapter SPS 322: Energy Conservation    
E. Chapter SPS 323: Heating Ventilating and Air Cond.    
F. Chapter SPS 320-325 Appendix: UDC Appendix    
G. Chapter SPS 381: Plumbing Definitions and Standards    
H. Chapter SPS 382: Plumbing Design and Construction    
I. Chapter SPS 382 Appendix: Plumbing Design Appendix    
J. Chapter SPS 383: Private onsite wastewater treatment sys    
K. Chapter SPS 383 Appendix: POWTS Appendix    
L. Chapter SPS 384: Plumbing Products    
M. Chapter SPS 384 Appendix: Plumbing Products Appendix    
N. Chapter SPS 385: Soil and Site Evaluations    
O. Plumbing questions and answers    
P. Plumbing product approvals (Contents)    
Q. Plumbing product approvals    
R. Chapter 779: Wisconsin Lien Statute    
S. WI ACT 201: Wisconsin Right to Cure Law    
T. WI ACT 201: Wisconsin Right to Cure Law Brochure    
U. Chapter ATCP 1: Administrative Orders,Contested Cases    
V. Chapter ATCP 110: Home Improvement Practices    
W. Chapter ATCP 110.09: Basement Waterproofing Practices    
X. Chapter 145: WI Statute, Plumbing    
Y. Chapter 101: WI Statute, License Regulations    
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